The Human Rights Advocacy and COVID19 Response Mechanism (Disability Sector)

The two programs are funded by Global Fund under Aids Foundation South Africa (AFSA) as our Principle Recipient (PR). Zakheni as an IPO, is implementing the program in Tshwane sub-district One advocating Human Rights issues affecting the AYP and People living with Disability over 18 years. The module is scaling up Human Rights related interventions through increased awareness and referrals of KVP’s and Vulnerable Population to services, facilitated through the Advocacy and Community-Based Monitoring interventions

The Program Methodology Model

The REAct model, while primarily document human rights violations, it has been a platform to increase legal literacy, track access justice, and to reduce stigma and discrimination, as well as hold health care workers and law enforcement accountability for non-stigmatising service delivery.

Key expectations for the program:

  • Provide adequate individual responses, including referrals for Key and Vulnerable Population.
  • Influence the change of discriminatory practices at community and at the point of service.
  • Inform quality Human rights-based programming, policy and advocacy at local level.
  • Identify and respond to community needs affecting the AYP, KVP and the vulnerable groups.
  • To attract the community to actively participate in eradicating the violence and unfair service delivery for AYP and People Living with Disability.
  • To give the KVP's and Vulnerable groups a platform to report or voice out their grievances and get the support of the common mass.
  • Combine media platforms to draw the public's attention regarding issues identified.

Advocacy and Covid19 Response Programme

Community mobilizers attending a Disability Fun Walk awareness event in Eesterus, Mamelodi on the 13th November 2021


Advocacy TB awareness campaign with AGYW's
at Winterveldt on the 10th of June 2020


AGYW's giving a presentation on Teenage pregnancy
at Winterveldt Pinkies


Awareness campaign on Teenage pregnancy at Winterveldt with AGYW's


Consultation meeting with Linkage officer recently giving
health talk at Marikana to AGYW's


AGYW's participating in group discussions about mental health
at Winterveldt on the 06th November 2020


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