Programme Name:
HIV and AIDS Education (Youth In and Out of School)

Programme Objectives:
- To raise HIV and AIDS awareness and mobilise community in the fight against the pandemic.

Programme Activities: 
- Implement workshops focusing on:

  • Abstinence Walk-; to promote abstinence and youth solidarity to combat stigma, reinforce information and to do away with negative behaviour.
  • HIV Testing and Counselling-; young people can understand the importance of knowing their status and where they can access support.
  • TB door to door campaign-; raising TB awareness and education amongst community members.
  • Awareness and life skills programme-; informed youth who are able to elevate self esteem and coping mechanism.
  • Community Dialogues-; community members (Youth and Adults) share ideas and speak openly and confidently about issues that concerns them.
  • Training Camps-; bring youth from different provinces together for networking and learning from their counterparts.
  • Heritage celebration-; to reconnect the youth with their heritage and teach the importance of culture, while instilling good value systems.
  • Leadership and team building-young people will be effective in their leadership skills and encouraged to focus on their goals.
  • Community social mobilisation for Male Medical Circumcision (MMC).

In addition to the above, Programme Facilitators will communicate the importance of education to young out of school youth by assisting in identifying their challenges, seek intervention and encourage them to return to formal schooling.

Unemployed youth which may include graduates who because of lack of work experience cannot be absorbed into the labour market, will be motivated to volunteer in organisations in order for them to acquire skill and experience needed by potential employers.

These young people will be empowered on the following skills: 

  • HIV and AIDS information
  • Goal setting and Character building
  • Communication skills
  • Career path discovery
  • Arts and Culture (dance, music, drama etc.)

ZTDC aims to address these issues by involving youth to be the drivers of these programmes with the assistance of our team. Consultations with stakeholders such as parents, teachers, youth groups, clinics, social workers, SAPS and other institutions will be maintained to succeed in our endeavours to deal with challenges faced by our young people in our society.

Anticipated outcomes from the programme:

  • Young people will be encouraged to abstain and delay their sexual encounter.
  • The programme will strengthen behaviour change by means of life skills and youth clubs initiatives.
  • Young people will be offered career guidance which will help them discover their potential and be orientated through careers of their choice.
  • Youth in and out of school are trained on how to be assertive when pressured to engage in sexual activities.
  • Through healthy choices young people will be encouraged to reduce the number of partners and faithfulness in their relationships.

ZTDC works in partnership with the following Organisations:

  • Department of Health
  • Tshwane Multi-sectoral AIDS Management Unit
  • Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA)
  • Soul City Institute Health and Development Communication
  • Local Business Community
  • Get Down Productions and Afrika e ntle under Arts and Culture
  • Other local NGOs  

Chaps Organisation training the ZTDC staff members for Medical
Male Circumcision at Falala Community Hall.

Parents of both youth out and in school attending.
Parents Seminar Event hosted in Suurman, Hammanskraal.


Centre for HIV & AIDS Prevention Studies(CHAPS) conducting a
Male Medical Circumcision(MMC) seminar during the Youth Camp conducted
Youth Commission, CHWs sharing knowledge and experiences
during Youth Camp.
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