Programme Name:
Art and Culture Programme (Youth In and Out of School)

Besides the artistic value of arts and culture, it is a tool for the realization of social cohesion and social justice. This programme dovetails into the post 1994 democratic elections call by the then President Nelson Mandela for South African to co-exist in diversity. As a result of this call, South Africa was dubbed a "rainbow nation". The peaceful 1994 first democratic election and the successful 2010 soccer world cup are a result of a response to this call.

The recent attack of foreign nationals is to some extend a result of lack of tolerance and understanding of people different to ourselves. ZTDC uses art and culture to recall the value of co-existence in diversity. Admitting to our inability to tolerate and accommodate other nationalities is a step in correcting this tendency which pose a serious threat to social security. In an attempt to circumvent this threat, arts and culture is used as a tool to educate and value ourselves, and subsequently, people of different culture. ZTDC's strategic relationship with other like initiatives, Africa-e-ntle, provides beneficiaries with a platform to perform and showcase talent and skills on a professional stage.  

The Art & Culture Programme of the ZTDC is further enhanced by a cultural exchange programme we run through AFS Inter-culture South Africa. Through globalization, we have suddenly become members of the international community and are confronted with expectations and standards to adhere to.

These programmes are in sync and aim for a common purpose of youth development which will manifest in their ability to cope and make informed decisions.

Intended beneficiaries:
The programme works better with organised groups. For this reason youth in school and organised youth out of school are easy to work with.

Programme Objectives:

Scope of the programme:

  • Craft
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Literature
  • Visual art

Programme Activities: 

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Perfonrance

Culture in diversity, our young people with Heriatge.
Breaking culture jinx - The Peace Makers in Tsonga Dance

Fine Art at its best -
Young people and their role in conserving Rhinocerous and environment.
The Youth in Arts & Culture -
Can they be our Ambassodors in Environment and Biodiversity!

This is it - social cohension in diversity.
This is part of our Heritage. Young people and our culture
celebrating Heritage at Tswaing Crater

Our Heritage.
Thandi Tshabangu aka Princess Khanyisa plucking her guitar in the Afro Jazz
during the Heriatge celebration jointly held with Dotsong Museum
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